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Fractional Bipolar Radiofrequency By Ecleris


The ultimate in wrinkle, blemish, skin and scar rejuvenation. FraxFace provides a non-surgical solution for skin resurfacing.
FraxFace® works by delivering fractional energy of  radio-frequency to produce a directed heat by means of which the innermost layer of the skin (the dermis) is stimulated, practically not affecting the most superficial layer (the epidermis).
The fractionated heat that is generated in points of the dermis, acts by injuring those points and consequently unleashing a healing response on the part of this inner layer of the skin. The healthy tissue that surrounds the burned or injured points of the dermis can also be stimulated secondarily by heat, having the effect of accelerating the healing process, and giving the skin a firm and rejuvenated appearance.
This makes a difference with traditional fractional resurfacing methods (fractionated Co2 laser), since the action is concentrated in a higher percentage on the dermis and in a much smaller percentage on the epidermis. This noticeably decreases the recovery time of the client, making it considerably shorter compared to some fractional treatments that use lasers.

Focused radiofrequency waves direct controlled heat all the way through to the dermis to gently ablate microscopic columns of skin. This actively stimulates the fibroblasts to increase the production of collagen to repair the damaged tissue and remodel existing collagen. The overall effect is skin rebuilding itself from the inside out, filling in acne scars, lines and wrinkles, skin tightening and improving irregularities like hyperpigmentation and discoloration.
FRAXFACE is a highly customizable skin resurfacing device that delivers exceptional results with low downtime. Powered by Fractional Biopolar Radio Frequency (RF) it is a fractional radio frequency system that allows operator control of ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing for enhanced efficacy in resolving mild to severe skin damage.

Fractional skin resurfacing has become a popular procedure to help treat and reduce the appearance of acne scars and other scars, striae, rosacea, dyschromia, deep wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation. This works to cosmetically improve the appearance of the skin, with low downtime and minimal discomfort for the client when compared to surgical methods.
The non-invasive fractional skin resurfacing systems from Ecleris uses Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) technology to effectively improve the appearance of uneven skin texture and reduce other signs of skin damage without affecting the surrounding tissue. With finely tipped pins emit radio frequency energy to ablate the tissue in a small footprint per pin—helping to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin and resulting in a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

Helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Dramatically reduces acne scars.
Increases the skin’s elasticity to lift and tighten and improve deep wrinkles.
Improves overall skin texture.
Addresses hyperpigmentation, sunspots and dis-coloration.
Firms and tightens skin on neck and jowls.
Boosts the skin’s radiance.
Helps reduce rosacea and areas of redness caused by broken capillaries.
Minimises Stretch marks.
Corrects abnormal skin texture.
Décolleté – to improve sun damage, dis-coloration and vertical lines.
Hands – to erase sun damage and hyperpigmentation and to thicken the skin.

Noticeably smoother, healthier skin
More comfortable than traditional skin resurfacing treatments
Low downtime — regular skin care routine after 24 hours
Quick treatment sessions
Safe for all skin tones.

Am I a good candidate for this treatment?
Will this treatment work for me?
The ideal candidate is anyone who shows signs of skin damage,
including deep wrinkles, scars, visible pores, stretch marks, and/or anything
else that affects the skin’s texture.

Fractional Radio Frequency

For safety reasons, you may not be able to get this treatment if you have/are:
• An Internal defibrillator/pacemaker or any other active electrical
implant in the body
• Any permanent implant or injected substance around the
treatment area (botox)
• Any active conditions in the treatment area (e.g. rash)
• History of skin disorders or very dry skin
• Current or history of cancer (including pre-malignant moles)
• Severe concurrent conditions (e.g. cardiac disorders)
• Pregnant or nursing
• An impaired immune system or a history of disease around the treatment area that is stimulated by heat (e.g. herpes)
• Poorly controlled endocrine disorders (e.g. diabetes)
• Taking blood thinners
• Had a face lift or eyelid surgery within the past 3 months
• Had any resurfacing treatments or chemical peels within the past 3 months
• Had any cosmetic injections within the past 2 weeks or any surgeries within the past 6 months

FraxFace Benefits

How many sessions will I need to see results?
Most clients receive 3 treatments per area. The exact number will depend on each individual person and the area being treated. Consult with your Therapist to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the treatment?
Make sure your skin is clean. Do not apply any lotions, creams, perfumes, powder, or makeup before your treatment session, and avoid tanning. Remove all jewellery around the area being treated. If you have excessive hair on the treatment area, shave it beforehand. It also helps to be prepared with information about your medical history—the therapist will likely ask about it.

What does the treatment feel like?
You will feel tiny pins on your skin followed by a little zap. Your face will then feel warm, like a sunburn.
The amount of energy directed into your skin varies depending on the concern we are treating, however discomfort, if any, is minimal. Afterwards your skin will appear red and somewhat inflamed—this is simply a natural reaction, vital to the process of skin repair. This inflammation causes the release of healing agents such as growth factors to the site, which ultimately boost skin’s natural regeneration process. The redness can last up to a couple of days, depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

How will I feel after my treatment?
Your skin will be red and feel warm afterward, like a sunburn. You can ease this by fanning or exposing the area to cool air. Don’t put anything on your skin, not even water, for 24 hours. The warm feeling should go away within 24 hours.

Is there any downtime?
Your skin will be red and for the first 24-48 hours and you will experience some ‘gridding’ and roughness in texture which can last 1-3 weeks. You will not be allowed to apply or rub anything on your skin, including water or sweat (so no workouts or any other exercise that will make you perspire) unless prescribed by your therapist. After 24 hours, you may put on makeup and resume your regular skin care routine. You should apply sunscreen (at least SPF 30), preferably one without chemicals.
Day 1: Possible erythema and red appearance, which varies between people.
Day 2: A red or pink hue persists like a moderate sunburn. Light swelling may be noticeable on waking and usually subsides as the day goes on.
Day 3: Skin may still be slightly pink. The slight swelling has usually subsided.
On subsequent days the skin may feel tight and dry.
Can I put on makeup or lotion right after my treatment?
No. You should wait till 24 hours after your treatment to apply any makeup or lotion.


I have darker skin – can I still get this treatment done?
Yes. Fraxface skin resurfacing treatments use technology that’s safe for all skin tones, even darker ones.
How often / far apart should the treatments be?
Treatments are done 3 to 6 weeks apart. (more on the side of 3, but depending on your skin and healing abilities)

How long does a treatment session last?
One session usually lasts 15 - 20 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

Will it be painful?
Fraxface skin resurfacing treatments may be slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. You’ll feel intense heat, similar to the feeling of sunburn, and your face will look red right after the treatment. For more aggressive treatments, you may get a topical numbing cream to reduce any discomfort.
How long will the results last and are they permanent?
After your final treatment, your results will continue to improve. However, one touch-up session may be needed approximately every 6 months, depending on how your skin responds.

Do I need to do anything after my treatment?
If your skin feels hot, you can use a fan to cool it down. Avoid touching or scratching the treatment area. Do not put lotion, makeup, or anything else on your skin, including water, for 24 hours unless prescribed by your therapist. After 24 hours, you should apply sunscreen (at least SPF 30), preferably one without chemicals. Also avoid rigorous exercise and hot baths or massages on the treatment area for the first 2 days after your session. Make sure to keep your skin clean and protected from the sun. Avoid any sort of tanning.

Treatment Guidelines:
Collagen takes about 3 months to fully regenerate.
At 2 weeks after FRAXFACE treatment, you can see better
luminosity, better hydration, and the face is tighter and fuller.
Immediately there is collagen contraction and tension.

General Treatment Considerations:
Number of sessions: Three treatments 4 weeks apart are recommended with recovery time 1-4 days depending on treatment levels used. Skin is initially hot like sunburn for a few hours but this abates quickly. Tiny pin point scabs that can’t be seen by the naked eye take about 4 days to naturally flake off, these must not be scratched or picked off as they are protecting the new healthy skin below and will naturally come away once the new skin is ready for the surface.
Session duration: 15-30 minutes.
Maintenance: After a course of three treatments 4 weeks apart. 1 maintenance session every 6 or 12 months when necessary.

Fractional RF
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