Spa Experience Deluxe

Detox infrared-spa

Allow 3 hours

Sit back, disconnect and let tension melt away in Warm far infrared rays in our Detox Box that feel like balsam on the body and soul. This sauna sensation is more than skin deep – it stimulates circulation, detoxifies the body, helps with weight loss, cellulite removal, arthritis pain, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, muscle fatigue/damage, skin allergies, migraines, drug rehabilitation, mercury poisoning, scleroderma and reduces stress and tension. Finish your far infrared treatment with perhaps a Warm or Cool Shower.saving face man

Now, feel your mind and body start to wind down as you enter a sensory environment of candlelight, soft music and soothing aroma’s. Let all worries slide away as your therapist’s healing hands and warm exotic oils massage your whole body from head to toe reducing any mental, emotional and physical strain or tension and muscle aches.

male facialFinally lay back once more for the blissful experience of our Spa Facial Рperformed with our premium range of Nimue Products designed especially for your skin type & conditions. This fabulous facial re-focuses on the deep biological cleansing necessary to prepare the skin for the active ingredients infusion, ex-foliating enzymes, facial massage, mask & hydrating fluid leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated. Finally relax with Refreshments in our relaxation lounge.

Now NZ$212.00 you save NZ$57.00

You’ll Receive……

* 30min Detox Box Far-Infrared Sauna – Valued at $32
* Free Shower – Valued at $10
* 60min Full Body Massage – Valued at $92
* 60min Nimue Classic Facial – Valued at $120
* Free Refreshments – Valued at $15

You Work Hard, You Deserve it!!!

Was NZ$269.00
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